Monday, August 11, 2008

G.U.E.S.S What I Bought ?


Entah ler...cinta pandang pertama la katakan. Label, lets keep it as a secret....hehehehe(i know you all can G.U.E.S.S it). This shirt, I admired it long ago, I told myself...dont buy it and look at it. Tapi kesian die, tak der sape pun yang nak pegang or beli. I cant refuse its temptation. I close my eyes, grab it and quickly to the counter and pay. Fuh...berpoloh babe. Now this shirt is in my closet. I will wear it on my first date (sampai sekarang tak tau sape nak date ngan aku). Hehehehehe...Aku suka shirt nie sebab die punyai ukiran or corak kerawang at chest and back. STYLO babe. Shirt tu kena pakai ngan khaki's or jeans. Now, I dont have khaki's yet but I will search for it.